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Corena Hammer



I have a deep love and commitment to transformation and believe it is part of my dharma, or calling, in my life to teach it.  
~ Corena Hammer
Corena Hammer

My name is Corena Hammer and I’ve been the founder of Corena Hammer Online Yoga Training, Clinical Yoga Institute, and the first Yoga & Pilates Studio on the Northern Wasatch Front. I currently head Clinical Yoga Institute, online yoga trainings, as well as head other yoga teacher training programs. I have a deep love and commitment to the practice of yoga and believe it is part of my dharma, or calling, in my life to teach.


My relationship with my mat has been a great teacher for me and like any other important relationship in my life, it’s been joyful, insightful, confrontational when I’m not willing to be present, supportive during times of stress and karmic when I don’t take good care of myself.  A few times in my life I have tried to give up being a yoga teacher and my mat has always found a way to call me home to it.


It’s been a physically and emotionally defining event in my life to find yoga and has been a beautiful way to create a fuller expression of who I am. It has taught me the value of trusting myself, staying connected during the difficult times, tension usually makes things worse, openness brings insight and (most importantly) nothing else in the room has to change in order for me to feel better.


I started online training because I wanted to offer yoga training that was inviting, accessible and inspiring, no matter what level a student was at or where you live.  I love yoga and the clarity it can provide and that feeling is saturated into the trainings I've created online.  Because I love what I do and am passionate about it I want to share my vision and knowledge with others.


I have traveled to a variety of states to other studios to share what I know and love. Please contact me about the workshops and teacher training modules I can offer at your studio.   Namaste.

Corena Hammer

E-RYT 500, CYT-2000, YACEP, IYTA, RYS-200, RYS-500

Founder, Visionary

I love channeling my creative energy into transformation.  I know from personal experience what it takes to live your best life and I use yoga, exercise and  changing thought patterns to do that.


Why make yoga part of your transformation?  Well, if you're not breathing deep you're dying, and it will teach you nothing in the room has to change in order for you to feel better. 


Supporting you as you journey into your best life is the most rewarding thing that I do.  Let's do **it together!

Julie Boam

Social Media Specialist

I find so much joy in creating connections, whether face to face, on a yoga mat, or through social media. Our computers and smart devices provide such a unique opportunity to plug into our passions and connect with people who support and share those passions. Our lives are made up of small moments, and if I can bring a small moment of insight or joy into a life through a smile, a hug, or a post, I feel like I've made a difference.


Jamie Ayers Ellison

Promotional Director

I am honored to promote the infinite beauty and wisdom that is part of life and a strong yoga practice. It is a blessing to be able to support someone in living their Dharma and to open and awaken  that calling in others. Enjoy the journey and do yoga!

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