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I know so many stressed out people who are trying to gain some sort of control over their emotions or transform their past.  Here's the thing: There was an article in Scientific American that said 50% of what you believe about your past isn't even true!  

Often what we remember about our past is the most stressful events, and apparently we've made up 50% of those stories.  We've all graduated from MSU (Make **it Up) with a PhD in SBI (Start Believing It).  I personally seem to be able to use my education all day long.  I'm talented.   


Wait, here's the really bad news...When we live with stress hormones the first organ that is starved of energy and peace is the heart muscle.


OMG!  Now what???  Can we talk about this?

Our survival mechanisms are concerned with our body, our environment (such as who and what surround us) and time (such as how long will this last). Any time we are concerned with any of those 3 things we are in stress hormones.  Most of us are concerned with all 3 of them most of the time!  As soon as we start thinking of one of those three things (whether it's positive or negative) and especially when it has a large charge of energy around it, that's the time that we will begin to rewire our brain. So if there's a positive emotion connected to it when we have those thoughts it will rewire to see things in a positive way. But if we have blame, frustration, anxiety or negativity when we think of our body, environment or time we are patterning our brain to pay attention to those emotions and become hypersensitive to those thoughts which creates stress hormones.

​When we live by stress hormones we live in survival. We pay attention to our bodies (ocd with weight and excercise, over eating, injuries/illness) stress over our surroundings and time and stop being a creator of a peaceful and happy future. We begin to re-create our past by being hypervigilant to any anger, frustration or lack of trust.  Then we begin to manifest what we have always seen before because we over react to it. When we are trying to control we are in survival. When we are trying to force an outcome we are not in a state of love. We need to stop remembering what we've always seen before in order to create something we've never had before. But most of us will re-create what we don't want out of survival mode and defensive reaction, both of which ruin relationships and create more stress.   When we analyze our situations from this place of ongoing stress we actually make everything worse for ourselves. Our intuition is tainted by our suspicion and preparing for worst case scenarios. 


It's from a place of trust and unknown and creation of the best things happen for us.  It's learning to tune into our intuition, live from our heart and learn who we can and can't trust.  We can only do this by being connected to our bodies in a healthy and loving way.  *Of course there are situations that would require special attention (such as PTSD and other conditions) which would be beyond the scope of this blog and workshops to follow.  Please check with your healthcare practitioner before making any changes in lifestyle or medications.


Let's do **it together.  ;)  ~  Much Love.  Corena

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