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Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over... it became a butterfly.

"If you don’t transform your suffering you transmit it.”  R Rohr.


I’ve spent my life living and believing in transformation.  Not that I’m a perfect person, but one that’s continually evolving and seeking. I’m often asked by students how they can create lasting change in their lives.  They have a variety of issues they seek advice about:  weight loss, a peaceful mind, how to live authentically, getting in shape, living from an open heart, how to meditate and how to change their diet.


 Yoga, Ayurveda, running, meditation and energy shifting techniques have been my guidance along the way. Now I want to share those techniques with you.  Beginning in March, I’ll be offering 120 days of online guidance with specific meals for the season, mindful meditations, simple energy shifting techniques and more.


Learn how our 7 energy centers play a part in supporting or sabotaging our efforts and what to do to make sure they’re clear.  I’ll offer 2 heart opening energy techniques that have supported me during the most difficult transitions of my life and have given me the courage and patience to say I Will Always Love Again.  If your heart feels stuck you can feel fulfilled rather than drained in just minutes.

Plan on taking this journey with me as I offer the fastest and easiest ways to transform yourself and live a happier, healthier life.  It’s not about feeling better temporarily.  


It’s about transformation. Scientific research shows that the butterfly is the only living thing capable of changing its entire genetic structure during the process of transformation. The caterpillar’s DNA is totally different from the butterflies. Thus it is a symbol of total transformation.  I have 7 on my back.  I believe in the ability to transform at a cellular level.  Join me now.  Follow me on Instagram and we'll announce the Inspired 120 beginnings!

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