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Overcoming Irritation ~ It's Exhausting You

This year more than any other year we are seeing a rise in irritation (aka pitta issues).

And let's be honest and call a thing a thing ~ it's not irritation, it's anger. Why do we say irritation? It sounds nicer, like it's not that bad, and therefore, we're not bad (we still have some sort of control over ourselves).

Anger is exhausting, requiring us to either stiffen our bodies to hold it in, or add fuel to fire and create overheating.

Here's some of the imbalances you may notice in if you're in an accumulation:

Inflammation of the joints.

Nausea, diarrhea or constipation.

Anger & irritability.

Bad breath.

Body odor.

Excessive sweating.

Acid reflux.

What Can Help Reduce The Anger and Irritation

Some of our everyday habits are making our irritation/anger rise without us even knowing. There are a few simple things to adjust that can have profound effects on reducing the accumulation of anger/irritation:

Reduce heat.

Avoid hot sauce, alcohol, being out in the heat and heated conversations.

Take walks in the early morning or evening.

This gives your body a chance to move the energy out without the heat of the day.

Mother nature is so soothing to anger.

Go for a hike, walk by a pond, walk barefoot, be around trees in the morning or evening.

Go laugh and PLAY! (This is the quickest remedy) .

Get on a swing (by the water is amazing!) watch a funny movie, enjoy your pets, buy some bubbles to blow for kids or your pets, enjoy some time by the water, watch WEE videos, plan and do something fun.

Control your control issues.

Trying to control things makes it worse. Think in terms of guiding rather than controlling situations. Control issues came up for many of us last year with masks, quarantine, and racial unrest. Realize what yours are (we all have them) and work on understanding how they play out.

Create a kindness jar.

Write down something kind you've done by the end of the day and put it in a jar (I started one and I love it!) How does it help? It will give you a new perspective. You don't have to solve all of the problems on your plate, you don't need to pretend everything is ok, but while you allow your thoughts and life to be exactly as it is (not confronting the ego), you also allow yourself to be on the lookout for how you've shown up in a kind way. You don't have to put any extra energy into this, just look back at your day and acknowledge something you've done and show yourself some value for it.

What happened needs to be addressed

2020 was overwhelming. Even if you had a great outcome, everyone was ignited by last year in some way, shape and form. We aren't going back to normal. It's like when a couple starts going down the road of arguing after several difficulties and keeps saying "let's just get back to normal". It's not going to happen. What's going to happen is ... Read More In Our Next Blog

In The Meantime, The Clear Your Chakra Series Maybe Exactly What You Need To Bounce Back.

During quarantine (which I freakin rocked!) I had some extra time on my hands LOL and had an epiphany about how to clear our chakra (energy) centers. You can change your mindset and beliefs all you want to, but if the energy field feeding your nervous system doesn't clear, you'll eventually be back at square one. Join me for this $25 per session, once per week, 8 week series. Click on the picture below to register.

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