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A New Way To Recalibrate Your Nervous System

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Peace ~ Not Pieces

Most of us have been taken to the edge in some capacity during 2020. I personally had a great year. I feel a bit sheepish saying that with everything that unfolded worldwide, but I had some amazing things finally come to fruition personally and professionally. Having said that, I was stretched to my edges with watching things that I care about unfold, and some of the issues were a reminder of traumatic history. Although I had a great year, my nervous system (once again) took a beating along with everyone else.

Necessity Is The Mother Of All Invention

For a few years I had my hands full with trying to recover from traumatic experiences. As I've been facilitating trainings for clinicians, psychologists and LCSWs on trauma, I've been lucky enough to look at the latest research and have even had USU do an IRB study on my company. As my knowledge grew, an amazing thing happened. I developed a system that can fast track the rebalancing of the nervous system. I'm about to take my first group of clinicians through a training for the process!


For years I had been searching for what was draining me, how to recover, and what to do with all of the fragmentation I had accumulated. It had taken a physical and emotional toll on me. Yoga was incredibly helpful, but this new technique has been the most insightful and healing process I've experienced. I've helped clinicians, those with trauma and everyday kinds of stressed out folks and have had really great successes.

Through our own struggles we often find a way to help others when we get to the other side. I can't say that it's been a joy to go through it all in my lifetime 😂, but I absolutely can say it led me to the system I've created to help others, and that's priceless.

If you have had overwhelm or fragmentation and are interested in learning more please contact me for pricing and details. Appointments are done by Zoom.

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